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New Kavanaugh claims: What’s the impact?Will new allegations about Brett Kavanaugh's behavior from the New York Times have a political impact or will they just lead to a repeat of the same partisan argument?

9/19/2019 8:41:09 AM

'Shocked and devastated': Connecticut father, son die in tragic fall after riding ATVs in abandoned quarryA father and son died after they both fell off a 75-foot cliff in Connecticut Wednesday, WVIT-TV reported. 

9/20/2019 8:55:44 AM

2020 Vision Thursday: Why Kamala Harris is struggling in the pollsPundits have been speculating about the state of Sen. Kamala Harris's campaign ever since one of her staffers accidentally left an internal briefing memo that included the phrase “summer slump” at a Manchester, N.H., restaurant earlier this month.

9/19/2019 8:05:31 AM

Texas man wanted for allegedly divorcing his wife without her knowledgeA Texas man is wanted by police after he allegedly filed for and completed divorce proceedings against his wife without her knowledge. 

9/20/2019 1:32:15 PM

Iran and U.S. Navy SEALs Are Ready to Battle in the Persian GulfThis happened once before.

9/20/2019 6:11:37 AM

Sheriff: 1 officer dead, 1 injured in Louisiana shootingOne police officer was fatally shot and another wounded Friday after a vehicle chase north of New Orleans, authorities said. Mandeville Police Chief Gerald Sticker confirmed one officer's death and the other's injury from gunfire in his community on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, near U.S. 190 and Louisiana Highway 22. Sticker said at a news conference that the wounded officer, who's being treated at Lakeview Regional Medical Center, is expected to survive.

9/20/2019 6:17:27 PM

FedEx Pilot Detained in China for Item Found in Luggage(Bloomberg) -- A FedEx Corp. pilot was temporarily detained in southeastern China after authorities found hundreds of air-gun pellets in his luggage prior to boarding a commercial flight to Hong Kong, marking the delivery firm’s latest setback in the country.The pilot, who was held in the city of Guangzhou, was later released on bail and the company is working with relevant authorities to understand the facts better, Memphis-based FedEx said in an email. Geng Shuang, spokesman at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at a briefing Friday that he was detained after being found with 681 air-gun pellets in his luggage.While FedEx didn’t provide details, a Wall Street Journal report earlier cited people familiar with the matter as saying Chinese authorities have started a criminal probe on the former U.S. Air Force colonel for allegedly carrying ammunition illegally. China notified the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou about the matter and the case is still under investigation, Geng said.FedEx has been under particular scrutiny in recent months, after Huawei Technologies Co. said documents it asked to be shipped from Japan to China were diverted to the U.S. instead without authorization. In another incident, FedEx said it mistakenly rejected a package containing a Huawei phone being sent to the U.S. from the U.K., a claim China rebuffed.Separately, police in China’s Fujian province started an investigation into a package containing a gun delivered by FedEx to a company in China, state media reported in August. Chinese authorities also began probing FedEx on suspicion of illegally handling a package sent to Hong Kong containing knives, Xinhua News Agency reported in early September.The fracas over the Huawei packages has seen FedEx targeted in Chinese state media, with Beijing considering adding the company to a list of so-called unreliable entities it is drafting, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg in June.China Mulls FedEx Blacklisting After Huawei Delivery ErrorsAfter the U.S. slapped curbs on Huawei, China’s Commerce Ministry announced the creation of the list in late May to target firms that the government says damage the interests of domestic companies.(Updates with foreign ministry comment in second paragraph.)\--With assistance from Thomas Black, Feifei Shen and April Ma.To contact the reporter on this story: Young-Sam Cho in Hong Kong at ycho2@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Young-Sam Cho at, Emma O'BrienFor more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

9/20/2019 2:51:37 AM

Why do e-cigarette makers suddenly want to be regulated?Vaping manufacturers have recently begun supporting ‘Tobacco 21’ legislation but are they pushing lax regulation now to head off harsher regulation later?The push on legislation comes as the vaping industry, and e-cigarette maker Juul in particular, is coming under intense government pressure. Photograph: Eva Hambach/AFP/Getty ImagesLobbyists are pushing to increase the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21 in states across America.But public health experts have warned the bills are often not what they appear, and contain loopholes and weak enforcement that could actually benefit big tobacco, because the laws often serve to prevent any future tightening of restrictions.In effect, the industry seems to be pushing for lax regulation now, to head off harsher regulation later.The push on legislation comes as the vaping industry, and e-cigarette maker Juul in particular, is coming under intense government pressure. Vaping is widely regarded as less harmful than smoking, but health authorities worry a new generation is becoming addicted to nicotine.John Schachter of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said: “We’ve seen them publicly pushing for ending youth access through ‘tobacco 21’ – as such bills are often called. “But we have a number of concerns on that front.”He said: “They try to portray it as, ‘We’re for tobacco 21, case closed.”He added that tobacco lobbyists then “try to water it down, and weaken it” when public health authorities push for additional provisions.Fears about vaping’s health effects have intensified since severe, pneumonia-like illnesses linked to vaping made 530 people ill in dozens of states and killed seven. The illness has not been traced to any single product or device.Though Juul has not been specifically implicated in cases of lung injuries, the company controls roughly 70% of the American e-cigarette market, and has had an undeniable appeal to teens.Roughly 8 million US adults and 5 million teens vape, according to the health secretary, Alex Azar. For decades, tobacco lobbyists opposed tobacco 21 legislation, often arguing such laws would mean young people could join the military and vote at 18 but not buy a pack of cigarettes.Dr Robert Crane, a family medicine professor at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the founder of Prevent Tobacco Addiction Foundation, has sought to push tobacco 21 laws almost exclusively since 1997.“In each and every state they were killed, absolutely slaughtered,” he said about the laws, “because the industry was so stealthily and skilfully against us. Fast-forward 20 years and we kept running and kept getting beat.”Then, about last year, lobbyists for groups such as the Vapor Technology Association began writing tobacco 21 legislation in places like Arizona, the Center for Public Integrity reported.Lobbyists “managed to get terrible tobacco 21 bills in Texas, Virginia and Arkansas and Utah”, said Crane. “Juul and Altria have their lobbyists out there pushing 21 in every single state.Health advocates say the bills are often problematic.In Texas, a recently enacted law exempts military members from the 21 age limit, and also prevents cities and towns from enacting stricter age limits. Juul and Altria, the parent company of Marlboro that owns a third of Juul, supported the bill.In Arkansas, a tobacco 21 law barred cities and towns from adopting any regulation more restrictive than the state’s on the “manufacture, sale, storage, or distribution of tobacco products”. That effectively bars cities and towns from banning flavored tobacco products, such as menthol or mint e-cigarette cartridges. Juul also supported that legislation.As of March 2019, Juul Labs was running ads to support tobacco 21 legislation in 22 states and Washington DC. The company has said the push is part of a plan to, “successfully address” the teen vaping epidemic. Juul shut down its social media account, said it has worked to stop minors from buying vape pods online and is working to trace its products.Already, public health experts have said efforts to stop teen vaping have failed. The rate of teen vaping rose to more than one-quarter of students in their final year of high, the New England Journal of Medicine reported Wednesday. About 12% vaped 20 out of last 30 days.A spokesman for Juul said the company prefers “clean tobacco 21 bills”, but at times “state level dynamics and politics” mean it will support bills that preempt cities and towns from stricter legislation.“For well over a year, we have publicly supported raising the minimum purchasing age for all tobacco and vapor products, including Juul, to 21 years in the US,” the spokesman said. “Tobacco 21 laws in the US fight one of the largest contributors to youth usage – social sourcing (obtaining products through family and friends over the legal age) – and they have been shown to dramatically reduce teen-use rates.”“Current efforts by the vaping industry, government agencies, and schools have thus far proved insufficient to stop the rapid spread of nicotine vaping among adolescents,” government researchers wrote in a letter to the editor of the journal.

9/20/2019 12:00:54 AM

Bill de Blasio's net worth as he pulls out of 2020 presidential raceNew York Mayor de Blasio announced that he is officially dropping out of the 2020 presidential race -- here's a look at his current finances.

9/20/2019 2:24:00 PM

Why Trump had a wad of cash in his back pocket“I don’t carry a wallet because I haven’t had to use a credit card in a long time,” he told reporters aboard Air Force One. “I do like leaving tips to the hotel. I like to carry a little something.”

9/19/2019 8:57:47 AM

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